My Mission

I am focused on creating

a momentum for change

with the adoption of technology

within Education,

in the East Gippsland region initially, then beyond.

Creating a Momentum for Change

My Story

My #SYD19 Google Innovator Project is based on bridging the gaps between regional Victoria and the Metropolitan Education System. I strongly believe that encouraging and harnessing the use of technology, will not only bridge the divide of our geographical distance, but our socio economic and learning differences ( and opportunities).

Reach out

Reach out to me on these various platforms and help me to “Change the Face of Education with Technology”. Help me to give both the teachers and students of East Gippsland choice and voice regarding the use of technology in education.

Next Steps…

Check out my up and coming YouTube Channel : A videologue of teachers and students experiencing success whilst embracing the use of technology in education.